Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tips On Running a Political Ad

Okay, if you were going to run for office this November and wanted to produce a political ad to run in the Deep South, what are some of the symbols and key issues you might include to rev up potential voters?

The Constitution?

Dogtags to represent your career in the Marines?

Being tough on crime?

Being tough on illegal immigrants?

Your role as farmer AKA "salt of the earth"?

The right to bear arms?

Well, here's an ad by Roy Peterson, a candidate for the Alabama Agricultural Commissioner. Roy didn't miss a note:

And here's a spoof on Roy's ad:


edwin said...

As a Canadian who's watching the goings on south of the border with some interest, I must say both videos produced a strong reaction in me:

Video 1: Quick, change the channel before he gets to the "and if you vote for me in the next thirty minutes I'll throw in a free..."

Video 2: Insulting.

Maya Reynolds said...

Hi, Edwin: I'm pleased to report the Republicans of Alabama did not select Mr. Peterson for their nominee next month.

Thanks for commenting.