Saturday, October 02, 2010

Zenyatta Does It Again--Undefeated at 19 Wins

The Queen did it again! Zenyatta won Race #19 today. See it here:

This was her third year in a row to win this race, which will be renamed the Zenyatta Stakes next year. It was scheduled to be called the Zenyatta Stakes this year, but because Zenyatta entered it, the race officials delayed changing its name for another year.

Next stop: The Breeders Cup--the 2010 World Series of American Thoroughbreds--will be run on November 6 at Churchill Downs. Zenyatta is already the only mare to ever win the Breeders Cup. November 6th will give her the chance to become the second horse in the race's history to win it twice.

The Breeders Cup will probably be Zenyatta's last race. She's six years old now and too valuable to continue risking when she has a long career ahead of her as breeding stock.

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Way to go, Zenyatta!!!!


Maria Zannini said...

If they don't make a movie about this horse soon, I am going to cry.

I just want to hug that horse!

Maya Reynolds said...

Maria: It will probably be a while because the movie on Secretariat is due out soon.

But I know just how you feel.