Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm Back!

I'm back. Refreshed and ready to go.

You know it's been a good vacation when you find yourself ready to get back to work.

I've always believed I had a guardian angel because things just have a way of working out for me. I announced my vacation from blogging on Sunday and, less than 48 hours later, my laptop keyboard went out.

To be completely truthful, it didn't just go out on its own. It had a little help. The glass of water I spilled on it probably had something to do with it.

I called Toshiba and, after the technician and I worked out our language differences, he suggested that I wait 24 hours to see if the keyboard "came back." Of course, every 15 minutes for the next day, I came over and tried a key or two.

Turned out the tech was mostly right. All the keys came back with the exception of the space bar. I never realized how critical a space bar is to conversation online.

I had a very stressful time until I was able to get the laptop fixed. Ended up blowing off Toshiba and taking the computer to a little Laotian guy down the street who popped the keyboard out of a new computer and put it in mine instead of waiting to order a keyboard the way the local Toshiba rep insisted on doing.

Now I have a wonderful new keyboard that is actually a lot more responsive than the old one had been.

Hope everyone has been doing well in my absence. I think I'll offer the next in our series of blogs on Wal-Mart for Thursday.

See you then.




Sherrill Quinn said...

Nice to see you back, Maya! :)

Maya said...

Thanks, Sherrill. It's good to be back.