Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Two-Blog Day--And a Contest!!!

I'm so glad to be back blogging that we'll have two posts today. The Wal-Mart one will be this evening.

In the meantime--I received an email from my agent a little while ago. Another publishing house has asked to see "You've Been a Bad Girl" along with "Witch Vampire?"--which they had already requested two weeks ago.

YBABG was my very first attempt at an erotic romance and probably my favorite story to date. It was just so much darn fun to write. I'm fond of WV? for a different reason--I fell in love with a secondary character, Ric--a vampire known as The Reckoner. I'm now writing Ric and Abby's story.

Jacky is interested in more "bad girl" stories. It's a little tricky to develop a bad girl character who is sympathetic at the same time.

I'm open to suggestions on plotlines for bad girls. As an example, Sandy (the heroine in YBABG) was a very nice elementary school teacher who was spying on her neighbors with a telescope. She got caught in the act by the hero.

If it's viable, your suggestion would be used in a short story--hopefully a very hot romance. What I need is an idea for a "bad girl" who can still be sympathetic to the reader.

Email your ideas to me at You can send more than one. The winner will get a prize--as soon as I think of a suitable prize :)

Cutoff date is next Friday--March 3.

Think of this as writing without the angst. You come up with the concept, and I'll execute it. Heck, I'll even let you name the hero and heroine. When it sells, you can give the book as a gift to your sweetie ;)

Start percolating.


For The Trees said...

Whew! Glad you're back! I didn't even BEGIN to stop popping over here twice a day until the 20th!!

Hope you had a grand time off. You deserved it!

Maya said...

Thanks, Forrest. It's good to be back.

Sherrill Quinn said...

What a great idea, Maya. And kudos that you've been asked to write more bad girls. You rock!!

Maya said...

Thanks, Sherrill. And congratulations on your new book, Redemption. I've read it and it's great!