Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Publication Date and Back Cover Copy

Well, I finally have a publication date for Bad Girl: September, 2007.

And I finally have the back cover copy. Here it is:

Feeling a little naughty? You should.

It was shy social worker Sandy Davis's favorite after-dark hobby, and only vice-spying on neighbors during their most uninhibited moments. Night after night, through each different window, into each anonymous dark bedroom came the stuff of Sandy 's wildest fantasies. Peeping didn't hurt anyone. It was just a game. No one ever had to know. Then one night came a phone call...

"You've been a bad girl."

He calls himself Justice. He has a pastime too. Watching Sandy watch others. He has the pictures to prove it. Now it's his turn to play-by making Sandy pay the price in exchange for holding on to her naughty little secret. As the sensual dance between two strangers begins, so does Sandy 's fear that she's moving closer to the edge of extreme desire-and inescapable danger.

Nice, huh?

I'm so excited.


Sherrill Quinn said...

Woohoo!!!! I can't wait!!

lainey bancroft said...


Such a long journey, but you're in the homestretch now, Maya!

Just picture that book...your name...on the shelves and in the hands of your readers!
Great stuff.

Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks, Sherrill and Lainey. I'm really thrilled.

Marie Tuhart said...


I love it. Can't wait until Sept. to read it. You go girl!

Lexi said...

Wow! What a blurb. Sounds great. Good luck with it!

Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks, Marie and Lexi. I appreciate the good thoughts.

Alex Adams said...

Wowza! This really sounds thrilling. I can't wait!

Maya Reynolds said...

Alex: Thanks so much. It's so nice to have people say things like that.