Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stephen King Is a Guilty Pleasure in Britain

Two brief items for today's post.

The first comes to us from Great Britain where, last Friday, The Guardian Unlimited reported on a survey that claimed Stephen King is the author most respondents selected when asked to name a guilty read.

"85% of those surveyed admitted to having an author they turn to for sheer gratification, but whom they might not admit to reading in public." King was the most popular choice.

Second place honors went to J.K. Rowling while third place was a tie between John Grisham and Dan Brown. Fourth place was another tie, this time between Danielle Steele and Catherine Cookson.

The survey was commissioned by the Costa Book Awards (formerly the Whitbread Awards). The awards are meant to encourage and promote British writing. The 2006 winners will be announced February 7, 2007.

Meanwhile, the survey results indicate that nearly a third of the British public claims to read every day while 3% said they never read books at all.

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