Sunday, January 28, 2007

Prepare For The Storm

First bit of news today. My friend Samantha Storm's new novella is out at New Concepts Publishing. Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe just got a four-angel review from Fallen Angels' Reviews:

"Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe" by Samantha Storm is a fascinating story that I thought was a breath of fresh air. The characters in this tale were surprisingly well detailed and full of charisma for such a short story. The antics of some of the party guests had me laughing out loud as I pictured them in their drunken party state, and the mystery surrounding the boss’s death added just the right amount of anticipation to the story. 4 Angels. Reviewed by: Tammy

Read the rest of the review here.

Join the hilarious sexy romp and find out who 'did it', or who's doing who!

And check out Samantha's other books at her website here.

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