Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Justice Returns From Holiday

Friday's Los Angeles Times (LAT) reported that U.S. District Judge Manuel Real issued a court order last Wednesday, freezing O.J. Simpson's assets.

The action came after the family of Ronald Goldman, who was murdered in 1994, filed a lawsuit on December 19, alleging that Simpson was trying to hide his assets to avoid paying a $33.5 million judgment won by the Goldmans in 1997. According to EOnline, the new lawsuit charged Simpson with "fraudulent conveyance--setting up a bogus corporation to funnel the advance he received from publisher Judith Regan" for his manuscript titled "If I Did It," telling how he would have murdered his ex-wife and Goldman--if he had done it.

Court documents indicate that the allegedly shell corporation, Lorraine Brooke Associates, was supposed to have received a $1.1 million advance. The LAT reports "Simpson said the money was used to pay for his Florida house, a trust for his children and to pay bills."

Judge Real set the next hearing for January 24th.

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