Friday, January 12, 2007

Simon and Schuster's Contest on

The second contest opportunity comes to us via Miss Snark who reports on the contest here.

This contest is sponsored by social networking site in conjunction with publisher Simon & Schuster's Touchstone imprint.

According to the S&S website, starting in spring 2003, Touchstone and its sister imprint, Fireside, began publishing original trade paperbacks and hardcovers as well as reprints. Touchstone publishes fiction and serious non-fiction books. "Under publisher, Mark Gompertz, deputy publisher Chris Lloreda and editor-in-chief Trish Todd, they publish 125 titles per year."

This contest opened January 10 and is open until March 15th for all aspiring novelists. Entrants will submit the three opening chapters of their commercial fiction novels along with a synopsis. Over several months, the entries will be posted online at where 15 entries will be selected by the community at large while another five will be picked by an editorial team.

First prize is a $5,000 advance and a contract with Touchstone. Four other prizes of $500 each will also be awarded to the four runner-ups.

Read more details here.


lainey bancroft said...

Haven't looked at Amber Quill yet, but Simon says no Canadians. Ah well, I scanned through some of the comments and quite frankly it sounds like a bit of a bitch-fest anyway. Paranoia about stolen ideas, stacked votes and the entire process being a popularity contest?? Hmm, I must be naive,(or perhaps completely lacking ego or confidence) its never occurred to me that someone would steal my idea, nor would I contemplate attempting to turn someone else's words into mine.
I'd also never 'friend' vote, or want anyone to do it for me. The whole purpose of these sorts of contests is to determine if your writing has merit. If you send mom and all her web cronies to vote, what exactly do you learn from that?

Maya Reynolds said...

Lainey: You've hit one of my buttons.

I cannot understand the paranoia that afflicts some writers. There are only so many plot ideas out there, and most have been used again and again. The execution of the idea is what matters.



Shanna Thompson said...

Sounds interesting. By the way, just discovered your blog, and I really like it. Looking forward to checking back.

Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks, Shanna, and welcome.