Monday, June 18, 2007

Book Videos?

This will be a quick post. The weatherman says that the thunderstorms will be back after midnight, and I want to shut my computer down before then.

The Los Angeles Times had a story on Friday about the increasing use of videos to advertise upcoming books. "Once a novelty, book videos are increasingly common and, publishers say, essential. Hyperion Books, Harper Collins and Penguin Group (USA) are among those using them."

Sue Fleming, Simon & Shuster's vice president and executive director for online and consumer marketing, was quoted saying, "I don't know if we're reaching people we wouldn't otherwise be reaching, but we are reaching people who are not necessarily reading book review sections or always watching a TV show."

The article says that no one is claiming videos can increase sales, but publishers and bookstores think they do help--"especially if they catch on at YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet." The goal is to help readers get to know the author and his/her book.

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