Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Changes At The Top of Yahoo

Okay, I give up. Dinah has achieved a new personal best. Two days after I bought Collar #7 (or #8--I've lost count) and had a new tag engraved for her, she came home nekkid again, the little slut.

I'm simply going to have to trust that if she manages to get lost (fat chance), whomever she gloms onto will have her checked for a microchip. My budget simply can't stand any more kitty collars.

Speaking of someone who is going to have to go on a budget, the CEO of Yahoo got handed his hat on Monday. The shareholders were not happy with his performance and even less happy with his $71.7 million executive compensation. The Associated Press ranked Terry Semel at the top of their executive pay survey for 2006.

Let's see. He lasted about six months into 2007, so that means he'll only make $35.85 million for 2007. Dear heaven. He'll have to sell the house and let the staff go. The shame of it.

Yahoo's co-founder, Jerry Yang, is taking over the CEO job while Susan Decker will become president.

It remains to be seen whether the new team can restore investor confidence.

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David Roth said...

Dinah must friends with Skittle. Can't keep her in a collar either.

35 mill, eh? It'd be tough, but I think I could eek by.