Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Summit In Silicon Valley

The San Francisco Chronicle had a story on Wednesday about a series of meetings this week between the media and entertainment industry and the tech firms in Silicon Valley.

Behind closed doors, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Sun Microsystems will be meeting with the members of the international council of the Paley Center for Media, "an organization made up of large media leaders." The group was formerly known as the Museum of Television & Radio.

It's expected that the discussions will include copyright protection and new business models for the Internet Age.

Both the media companies and the high tech companies realize they have to come to some kind of accommodation. Digitization has made it easier for entertainment companies to bring music and films to their fans. At the same time, piracy and copyright infringement are huge issues.

It's not expected that any agreements will immediately emerge from this week, but the fact that both sides are meeting is a positive sign.

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