Friday, February 15, 2008

Borders Unveils Model For New Store

I'm late in posting today because my laptop blew up Wednesday. I dropped it off at my computer guru's tiny shop yesterday morning and got it back today. He always adds new things to the laptop while he's playing with it so it came back fixed AND improved.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported on the model for the new Borders store, saying the bookchain "unveiled a new concept on Wednesday -- a store where shoppers can mix and burn CDs, explore their genealogies and even publish their own novels."

The new model is intended to help the #2 bookseller to turn around its lackluster performance. Reuters says the plan is to "refocus on its core U.S. store operations."

The new-style Borders store, which features additional seating, is in Ann Arbor. According to yesterday's Publishers Lunch, "The biggest change is their Digital Center, outfitted with computer workstations and a promise 'we'll show you how' with the help of knowledgeable staff. Borders wants customers to buy music for download (to non-Apple players) and custom-burned CDs; print out digital photos and create their own photo books; self-publish through a 'personal publishing' program in conjunction with; research their family history through 'genealogy services' from; and buy Sony Readers and download e-books."

Read the Reuters' story here.

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Chumplet said...

Mac users can make a beautiful hardcover photo books from home. My friend made a few albums using photos from her trips to France, Tuscany and Rome. She placed the order and got them in a week. They were fantastic!

We don't have Borders here in Canada, but I can see Chapters trying the same platform. Maybe they should back off on all those non-book related gift sections.