Saturday, February 02, 2008

Notre Dame Sculpture

I'm working on a paranormal and was cruising the Internet looking for a face for my demon. I came across this photo. I
LOVE it.

These are a pair of gargoyles on the roof of Notre Dame in Paris. The photographer is Nicolas Knight, an artist who lives in New York. His website is here. I contacted him, requesting permission to post this photo here.

The gargoyles remind me a little of a pit bull or perhaps a pit viper. Their faces are beautiful and . . . terrifying . . . at the same time.


Maria Zannini said...

I collect gargoyles! Someone was thoughtful enough to even give me one as a wedding gift.

During my college days I used to sketch them with numerous expressions. They are one of my favorite paranormal creatures.

My current wip features a gargoyle prominently--as a good guy. :o)

Anonymous said...

You all should check out this. I'm a huge fan of custom My Little Ponies and here's one with a gargoyle make over:

Maya Reynolds said...

Maria: I had NO idea.

I spent nearly an hour, trying to find a poster online of the gargoyle nearest to the camera. The best I could do was this:

And I'm not crazy about it. Although you can see the detail on his stomach better, it's just not as clear cut.

Guess I'll keep looking.

Maya Reynolds said...

Michele: I'm learning all kinds of things about you and Maria both.


The Anti-Wife said...

What cute puppies!