Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dara Joy Resurfaces

There was a lot going on in publishing and in business this week, but I'm going with the weird story for today's post.

Last April, I told the cautionary tale of Dara Joy, the up-and-coming author who demolished her career through the exercise of extremely poor judgment. If you're not familiar with the name Dara Joy, I suggest you read my first post here before continuing with this entry.

I hadn't given another thought to Dara since writing that post last April.

Yesterday, the Dear Author site published an update on Dara. Read the rest of the story here. The comment trail put me on the floor.

One note of advice: Do NOT go to the Urban Dictionary for a definition of "ploot." I did and wish I hadn't.


Stephen Parrish said...

Judging by the comments on her blog post, she has a loyal following. But I'm wondering most about that picture of her next to the typewriter: is she wearing a fur, or is that a gorilla standing behind her?

Alex said...

My wife couldn't resist looking up the meaning of "Ploot," but I refused to let her tell me.

"Death by Ploot-Ploot"???

Writers *are* nuts, aren't they?

Marie Tuhart said...

I have to admit that I loved Dara Joy's Matrix series. They were really good books. But when she started her fight with Dorchester, I read to see what was happening. When she started self-publishing, I thought about getting the first book, then backed out. I was glad I did. What fans she has left may buy her next book if it is in a bookstore, otherwise I think she's ruined her career.

Caffey said...

Sadly I was one of the readers who bought her smaller published book and never got it. So after that and many emails and no resolution, I'd lost respect. Thats rare for me, but it just went so bad for me.


I read many of her earliest books & I must admit they are my favorite of all time! I was sadden by not being able to buy her books at my local stores.
I hope things turn around for her.
She has written some awesome books !
Many have a sci-fi/romance basis with a touch of time travel.
Regar got me hooked!
It's a bummer that things got so weird for her ~I pray she bounces back into the spot light with a bang!
What is Ploot? Guess I will have to go look that up.
Anyways, only Dara Joy can mix such dreamy sci-fi with romance that leaves you shaking.
Love Her & wish her the Very Best!

Rhyanna said...

I Got the book after the fiasco wildcat arrows. I couldn't get into it. Then I bought Death by Ploot Ploot an ebook...short and left me saying huh? there has to be more, but alas no.
As for her other ebook I haven't bought leary and two broke.
I too hope she recovers and publishes through a traditional publisher again. Oh and that pic of her by typewriter...where did you see it cause I can't find it.

Amanda Messer said...

I know this is an older post but I've been trying to figure out what had happened. I knew there was a lawsuit and had gone to her site a while ago to see if anything had come from it.
Site still looks like trash. They try to say that they did it on purpose (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight) and that the book covers are an edgy artistic style that Ms. Joy likes.

I read the little "sneak peaks" and almost gagged.

I had originally set out to find answers and possibly "beg" for a continuation of her stories. After what I have read I think it is best if I avoid her new books and just let it die.

So, thank you for finding out and having your blog still available (so many years laster). Now I know...the rest of the story ;)

BrazilianBeautyValeria said...

I read Death by ploot ploot a few years ago, and I had the correct urban definition.. which is #2 by the way, of 3. It was a great story, just like all her other stories I've read. Get a life, and a better job, reviewer.. this one seems to not agree with you. Money is tight, but really, to complain about the definition of a nonsense word, that has only gotten meaning and meat because of other peoples thoughts and opinions. I might have found you, blogger, but not on purpose. I won't again. Take a great author, someone people can lose themselves in for a few hours, and you want to stop that. Ok, want a few puppies to fling to follow that up with? Yes, I'm ticked. Wonder why. All my favorite things are vanishing, and all thats left if are the things that I don't want to think about.

Anonymous said...

I read Death by Ploot Ploot & really liked it but it was short. I hope she has resolved the issues she was having. I really like her books! They are some of my favorite books still. I did not read Wildcat Arrows so cannot say how that book is. I would definatly buy more in the Matrix series. I would love to know what happened to the other characters that were in the Matrix series books.