Friday, February 01, 2008

Come Talk To Me Sunday Night

I'll be doing a live chat over at the Writer's Chatroom on Sunday night.

7:00 PM EST and 6:00 PM CST.

I'd love to have company if you're available. It's free.

Go here at the right time.

Hoping to see you there.


agnes d said...

Looking forward to the chat on Sunday (I subscribe to writerschatroom emails).

I hope you say a few things about the market as well.

Jerome said...

Great! I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the writing field.


Audrey Shaffer said...

Really looking forward to chatting with you, Maya. :)

For those who haven't visted The Writer's Chatroom before, it's quite easy to join the chats.

at 7 pm EST, go to

Scroll down to the Java box. It may take a moment to load. Type in the name you wish to be known by, and click Login. No password needed.

That's it! And we look forward to meeting Maya's friends. :)


Maya Reynolds said...

Agnes & Jerome: I'll look forward to talking to you there.

Thanks, Audrey!!