Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do Something Good Today . . . Please

I know I promised to talk more about Chris Anderson today, but I'm going to delay that post because of something I read on the Internet yesterday.

My plane was late getting out of Washington's National Airport so I was entertaining myself reading blogs on my laptop. I stopped by the Smart Bitches' website here and was shocked to learn that Preditors and Editors is being sued.

Any writer who spends any amount of time online knows about Preditors and Editors. For more than ten years, Dave Kuzminski has been maintaining the website where writers can go to check out the legitimacy of agents, editors and publishers. Any time a newbie on a writers' loop asks if anyone knows anything about an agent, half a dozen replies will direct the new writer to Preditors and Editors here.

Dave has not flinched from calling them like he sees them. Now two of the people whose toes he has stepped upon are suing him.

Dave reported the following on the Absolute Write website:

Okay, just to further clarify matters. P&E is being sued by Barbara Bauer and by Victor E. Cretella, III, Esq. in two separate courts.

Ms. Bauer is a literary agent who alleges I/P&E called her a scam and a scammer and is suing for libel.

Mr. Cretella is an attorney for PublishAmerica. He alleges I/P&E harmed his reputation by reporting him to the Maryland State Bar Association and his former employer for his actions against a member of Absolute Write and is suing for libel.

Dave has put a "donate" button on the P&E website for writers to contribute in order to help defray his legal costs. I couldn't get the button to work for me, but you can go directly to PayPal and send money to

Notice that there are no spaces between the initials and the name.

If you have ever used P&E, please make a donation to help them. And get the word out on your blog or on the writer loops to which you belong. Thanks!

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Gina Black said...

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I sent them a small donation.