Monday, March 10, 2008


I received an email this afternoon from the moderator of the NCP promotion loop. She said she knew who had posted the quote I attributed to her, but it was not her.

I know the moderator from my days as membership chair of Passionate Ink. I greatly appreciate her setting the record straight and am happy to print this correction along with my most sincere apology to her for the mistake.

In my return email to her, I explained I have no dog in this fight. While there have been individual complaints about NCP's non-responsiveness going back more than three years (see here), the recent concerns seem more widespread. They are not limited to one or two disaffected writers.

Some of the things I've been told by angry writers were too subjective for me to include in yesterday's post, and I left those comments out. I am not interested in dogpiling NCP. However, this blog is meant to provide help to writers, and it was in that spirit that I did yesterday's post.

Any time I post erroneous information, I am happy to print the correction.

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