Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stealing From Bookstores

Check out a February 26th article on bookstore thieves in The Stranger, Seattle's weekly alternative newspaper.

Author Paul Constant describes his adventures in chasing thieves out of the independent bookstore where he worked for eight years.

He talks about the time he encountered what was clearly a contracted book thief who was carrying a list of the most desirable books:

1. Charles Bukowski

2. Jim Thompson

3. Philip K. Dick

4. William S. Burroughs

5. Any Graphic Novel

Find the article here.

1 comment:

Bookfraud said...

that list is facinating -- all rebellious, anti-establishment, men. i mean, can you see jane austen or nabokov on that list?

those "stolen authors" probably would be proud they are the most-stolen books. they're gettting to their best readers!