Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's Not Nice To Fool The Gray Lady

Two fake memoirs in one week is overkill.

For that reason, I refused to write about Margaret B. Jones aka Margaret Seltzer, the latest in the long string of liars to be uncovered after their memoirs were published.

In her book Love and Consequences, Seltzer claimed to have grown up as a foster child in South Central Los Angeles, to have run drugs and to have seen gang violence up close and personal.

After seeing Seltzer profiled in The New York Times here, her own sister contacted the publisher Riverhead (a division of Penguin) to say the whole thing was a fabrication.

Rather than give any space to the pack of self-serving excuses that Seltzer trooped out once she was caught, I'm going to focus on the most interesting part of the story for me.

Remember those old commercials about "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"? Apparently the Gray Lady doesn't take kindly to being bamboozled either.

Take a look at this post from today's The Gawker here.

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