Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hey, Borders and B&N!!

This is my Tuesday morning rant.

In the days of $3+ per gallon of gasoline, coupons with a short shelf line are impractical.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I organize my shopping trips these days. I don't just run around willy-nilly.

Here in Texas, things are a bit spread out. I can use a quarter of a tank of gas in no time at all.

So, Borders, quit sending me those three-day coupons. I won't be using them unless I have a trip already planned to your part of town. It's pointless for me to save $4 on a book only to spend $6 in gas.

And, Barnes & Noble, good luck with those one-week coupons. Maybe I'll use them; maybe I won't.

I can understand that you're trying to keep a tight grip on income/expense and that means knowing when to expect those coupons to be redeemed. However, if you don't offer a reasonable window of time, I'm not even gonna bother printing them out.

Rant over.


Katie said...

Good rant! I seriously doubt that the grocery industry is following your blog, but if they were, I'd add the same for them!

Karen Erickson said...

I read your blog every day on my Google reader and had to click over to comment.

Amen! I am all about organizing my shopping trips these days. I live about a half hour from the closet city so I try and group all of my shopping excursions to one day a week. Those 3 day Border coupons drive me bonkers cos I never get a chance to use them.

The Anti-Wife said...

It takes me 3 days just to remember where I put the damned coupon, much less use it within that time. Good post!