Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Announcing NelsonFree

Still on the subject of the future of the book: Got a tweet from Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson, the world's largest Christian publisher.

He said: "We just announced, 'NelsonFree,' a program that allows readers to receive content in multiple formats for one price."

Publishers Weekly (PW) has an article on NelsonFree:
Thomas Nelson announced today the launch of NelsonFree, a program that allows readers to receive content in multiple formats—physical book, audiobook and e-book—without making multiple purchases. With NelsonFree, the price of the hardcover book includes both the audio download and the e-book . . .

Joel Miller, v-p and publisher, business and culture, said Nelson currently has plans to release a dozen format-free books in this and related categories, and will monitor consumer response to determine whether or not it adds more titles. He also said Nelson will not raise the price of hardcovers in the NelsonFree program . . .

Nelson president and CEO Michael S. Hyatt said, “I believe that the industry is shifting and we, as publishers, need to explore new methods of getting our content into the hands of customers.”
Thomas Nelson continues to impress me with their forward thinking approach to the business of publishing.

Go here to read the entire PW article.

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