Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another Post On The Future of Books

I seem to have a theme going here today: the future of books.

Check out Mike Shatzkin's blog for this morning. Titled "Enhanced EBooks, Part I," it's addressed to authors. I also found this comment interesting:
I also want to stress that I’m thinking this through in here from the perspective of the general trade publisher: one not yet focused on niches and one whose brand is not a consumer brand. I don’t expect houses like Wiley, O’Reilly, or Harlequin to see as much of a gap between what is said here and their present practices as those houses that dominate the bestseller lists and have the most high profile authors.
Mike presents three ideas relating to the cost of ebooks, the pricing of ebooks and what an ebook is.

Go here to read the entire post.

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