Monday, March 09, 2009


On Thursday, literary agents and editors had fun with a Twitter thread in which they described query letters they'd rejected.

Agent Colleen Lindsay (of The Swivet) started the #queryfail thread, but others quickly picked up on it.

Here are my twelve favorite tweets in the thread:
Don't send me your manuscript and tell me to start reading at page 312 because that's "where it gets good."

"I know you don't represent children's literature, but I hope you'll make an exception in my case."

"My heroine just mustard her courage."

"My book is about a friendship based upon mutual vomiting practices in high school."

"THis is not representative of my best work."

"My book is the first in an imagined autobiography of my tragedy."

"I'm actually interested in making a lot of money off my writing. Please let me know if there is money to be made in this field"

"I've queried more than 50 agents and have gotten nowhere and now I'm querying you."

"It’s about unicorns. They’re the protagonists."

"While enjoying the pleasures of Bob and his truck, Johnny confronts his own sanity."

"I dont have any new material to share so Im attaching an already contracted novella"

"I am writing a book. What is the going rate for literary agents?"

Go here to read the entire thread. However, be forewarned. There are a hundred pages in the thread as of this writing.

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