Monday, March 09, 2009

More Cuts At Borders

Friday's Publishers Weekly reported that Borders, which had previously had two rounds of cuts to administrative staff, has now announced they will cut 742 positions, or 3% of its staff, in their superstores and their Waldenbook stores.
Most of the superstore cuts came at the manager and supervisor levels, although the company said it was retaining all general manager spots. Sales managers, inventory managers, training supervisors and merchandisers were among the jobs eliminated.

At its 385 Walden outlets, 63 positions were eliminated in a variety of management and supervisory roles, although no general manager spots were cut.
Ironically, we stopped at a Borders at about 8:00 PM on the way home from dinner Friday night, and I was shocked at how busy the store was. There were people in every aisle (especially sci-fi and fantasy) and four people in front of me on the line to check out.

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Stephen Parrish said...

Your experience Friday night was of course anecdotal, but I can't help observing that publishers will continue publishing (otherwise they go out of business), writers will continue writing (try stopping them), and readers will continue reading (they need the escape now more than ever). I would like to see industry leaders stop with the gloom-and-doom and turn a problem (the economy) into an opportunity: there's never been a better time to write, publish, or read a good book.