Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Google Deadline Postponed

From today's Publishers Weekly:
In a surprise move, New York Judge Denny Chin today granted a four-month extension to a group of authors, led by Gail Knight Steinbeck, delaying the May 5 deadline to opt out or object to the Google Book Search settlement to early September. Although the order had not yet been made public at press time, sources confirmed for PW that Chin had granted the extension.
From Publishers Lunch:
The authors' attorneys write that "even assuming perfect notice of the settlement--an assumption that...is not well founded--the two months' notice afforded to authors is woefully inadequate to digest the extraordinarily complex settlement agreement, attempt to gauge its potential and long-term future implications in a vital marketplace, and make a reasoned judgment about whether to opt out, object, or appear at the fairness hearing."

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