Tuesday, April 07, 2009

January Book Sales

Shelf Awareness had an article on Monday about January book sales reported each month by the Association of American Publishers.

Book sales rose 3.6% while e-book sales rose 173.6%.

Of course, the e-book sales of $8.8 million are a drop in the bucket compared to book sales of $785 million.

Other interesting stats indicate adult books are suffering while children's books are doing well:

Adult mass markets fell 12% to $56.4 million.
Adult paperbacks dropped 24.7% to $102 million.
Adult hardcovers fell 33.9% to $60.5 million.

Children's/YA hardcovers rose 60% to $54.4 million.
Children's/YA paperbacks climbed 9.3% to $37.4 million.

Audiobooks fell 45.9% to $7.7 million

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