Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Amazon to Hold Press Conference Wednesday

The big news today is that Amazon is scheduled to introduce a new Kindle on Wednesday--one that will have a larger screen to appeal to readers of textbooks and newspapers. This event follows the introduction of the newest version of Kindle just three months ago.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon already has a deal with several textbook publishers to load their textbooks onto the new device. In addition, the WSJ reports:
Beginning this fall, some students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland will be given large-screen Kindles with textbooks for chemistry, computer science and a freshman seminar already installed, said Lev Gonick, the school's chief information officer. The university plans to compare the experiences of students who get the Kindles and those who use traditional textbooks, he said.
Five more universities have been lined up to participate in the experiment: Arizona State, Darden School at the University of Virginia, New York's Pace University, Princeton, and Reed in Oregon.

The press conference will be held Wednesday at Pace.

Read the WSJ article here.

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