Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Booksales for March

The Census Bureau's numbers on booksales for March are out. According to Shelf Awareness, bookstore sales are "much healthier than general retail sales this year." These numbers don't include used books, ebooks or mail orders.

During March, bookstore sales fell 1.3%. Year to date, bookstore sales dropped 4.1%. By comparison, for the month of March, total retail sales dropped 12%. YTD, total retail sales are down 11.6%.

Publishers Weekly reported:
The Census Bureau revised bookstore estimates for January and February, with new figures showing a 1.7% drop in January sales and a 11.3% plunge in February, making February the worst month for bookstore sales since the downturn began last fall.

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Lost Angel said...

The really should start including ebooks and mail orders. So many people are doing that now with the Sony Reader, Kindel and other electronic formats.