Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Number of On Demand Books Soar

R.R. Bowker, the official U.S. ISBN agency, has released preliminary statistics on the number of books in print in the United States in 2008. More than 75,000 publishers provided data.

According to Publishers Weekly, title output by traditional methods in 2008 fell 3% to 275,232. However, "the number of on-demand and short run titles soared 132%, to 285,394. The on-demand and short run segment is the method typically used by self-publishers as well as online publishers. With the decline in the number of traditional books released last year and the jump in on-demand, the number of on-demand titles topped those of traditional books for the first time. Taken together, total output rose 38%, to 560,626 titles."

Shelf Awareness reported:
Phenomenal growth in the on-demand books sector was reflected in Bowker's projections that 285,394 on-demand books were produced last year, a 132% increase over 2007's 123,276 titles and 462% above 2006 levels.

Bowker reported that the top five categories for U.S. book production in 2008 were fiction (47,541 new titles), juvenile (29,438), sociology/economics (24,423), religion (16,847) and science (13,555).

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Stephen Parrish said...

This is an astonishing milestone.