Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Doing the Happy Dance

My agent called this afternoon. We have a contract offer on the table from a New York publisher for one of my manuscripts. She wanted to discuss the details.



Karen said...

Yay Maya!! How awesome!
Spill the details when you can :)

Maya said...

Thanks, Karen!!

I will when I can.

Marie Tuhart said...


Major congrats! This is great. Let us know the details when you can. Doing the happy dance for you.

Maya said...

Thanks, Marie!!! I'm still dancing.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Woot! Woot! This is so great!! Congratulations, Maya!

Maya said...

Thanks, Sherrill. I appreciate it enormously.

Emjay said...

If you need more words, you can always include a car chase.

That's what they do in the movies.

Unless they give us 30 minutes of swordplay/gunplay/fistplay/karateplay.

I won't even say what kind of play you could extend. No, I will not say it!

Anyway, major congrats, a huge milestone for you.

Maya said...

Thanks, Emjay. I appreciate both the good wishes and the suggestions.