Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Publisher-Dating Dictionary

A two-post day.

If today has been a long day for you, I have the perfect remedy: Kit Whitfield.

Kit is a former British editor whose debut novel was released this month. She began blogging last month and her website includes some fun features.

The one I am sending you to look at is her Publisher-Dating Dictionary. She gives examples of things NOT TO SAY in a query letter by comparing them with lines a guy might try on a woman in a bar.

For example:

You say: 'I've been turned down by all the agencies I've tried, so I've decided to approach publishers directly.'
Dating equivalent: 'All my ex-girlfriends/boyfriends have taken out restraining orders against me, so I thought I'd ask you instead.'

My favorite was:

You say: 'I self-publish/post on the internet, and I've had some good feedback.'
Dating equivalent: 'The prostitutes I sleep with tell me I'm good in bed.'

Take a break and go look at her website. Here's the link:

Thanks to Miss Snark for drawing attention to Kit's website.

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