Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sold! One Contemporary Romance

Okay, the deal is done. My contemporary erotic romance, You've Been A Bad Girl, has just sold to NAL Heat, which is a division of Penguin (along with Berkley and Jove).

I'm grateful beyond words to my agent, Jacky Sach, of BookEnds Literary Agency.

Jacky and I had developed two additional ideas for a second novel, which she also presented. NAL has indicated interest in one of the two so, as soon as we deliver You've Been a Bad Girl, it's back to the drawing board for Possession, Leah and Kadeem's story.

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails and message of support. I appreciate the kind words enormously.




Marie Tuhart said...


I'm so happy that you sold the book. You deserve it. You're a great writer.


Bookseller Chick said...


Maya said...

Thanks, Marie and Chick: I'm pretty happy!!!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Hot damn!! You go, girl! I'm soooo happy for you. :)

Maya said...

Sherrill: Thanks so much!!!

Shannon Canard said...

Oh my goodness! That is terrific news, Maya! Congratulations! I missed the last NTRWA meeting. I hope you announced it to the gang.

Maya said...

Hi, Shannon: Nope. Announced it here first.

Thanks for your good wishes. I appreciate it!