Sunday, May 20, 2007

Apology To My Readers

When I'm writing my posts, I sometimes publish them while they're still unfinished so I can proof them. I find it hard to proof in the editing mode.

While I was doing so with the following post, my computer froze, leaving an unfinished post on the screen for nearly two hours.

The problem is now corrected, and you have my apologies.



Stephen Parrish said...

You needn't apologize. Even fragments of your posts are illuminating.

I loved your head-to-head conversation with Nathan Bransford about the S&S boilerplate thing. Your blog is increasingly becoming a turn-to source for industry news. And insight.

And have I ever mentioned how much I like your writing?

Maria Zannini said...

I do this too, Maya. It's funny how I'll catch things on the published page that I didn't see in its edit. --I think it's because the font is different (at least on mine). It forces your eye to reevaluate text.

Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks, Stephen and Maria: I had to reboot the computer to unfreeze it, and then Blogger refused to let me back in until I stopped yelling at it :)

Marie Tuhart said...

Great observations, Maya. I've heard that Harlequin only offers 6% royalties on the e-books, which isn't that much different from their print books.

Marie Tuhart said...

Forgot to say, I'm glad the cats are all right.

Maya Reynolds said...

Me, too, Marie. Me, too.