Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Congratulations to Michael

I'm not feeling well so I'm getting ready to pack it in. I'll be back tomorrow (or later tonight if I can't sleep). In the meantime, here's an upper.

On Saturday, I told you that my young friend, Michael Richardson, had entered the Fire on the Strings contest in Houston. This was the finals in Texas to determine who the state will be sending to the National Guitar Flat Pick Championship in September in Winfield, Kansas.

As I explained, Michael is a fifteen-year-old. He was competing with guitar players who had many years more experience than he, but he came in second place. The first place winner was a man who has spent years on the circuit, playing in contests.

Michael won $300 for second place, but--more importantly--the first place winner deferred to him, giving Michael the coveted spot at the Nationals in Kansas.

Michael is over the moon. In 113 days, he'll be playing at the Walnut Valley Festival in the 35th National Flat Picking Championships here. Be sure to click on "Contests" and then on "Luthiers and Prizes" to see the various competitions that will take place.

Congratulations to Michael and to his parents, Julie and Charles.


Sherrill Quinn said...

Congrats to Michael! And you've been tagged! Head over to my blog (http://sherrillquinn.blogspot.com) for details.

Marie Tuhart said...

How wonderful for Michael. I wish him luck.