Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today was the monthly meeting for my RWA chapter. I sat at a table with fellow writer Shelley Bradley. Shelley and I met two years ago when we were involved in helping to found the Passionate Ink chapter of RWA. Her website is here.

I mentioned that the placeholder was up for my forthcoming book on the Amazon and Borders websites, but not Barnes & Noble. Shelley said, "Oh, your placeholder is up on B&N, too. I checked earlier this week. I'm waiting for yours to go up because my next book is due out thirty days after yours."

I came home to check, and there it was here.

Can the cover be far behind?

Shelley also told me to encourage pre-orders to B&N rather than Amazon or Borders because it will force my ratings up.

Going out to dinner. I'll be back later tonight with tomorrow's post.


Marie Tuhart said...


I have heard too that pre-orders make your number go up at B&N.

Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Marie.