Saturday, May 19, 2007

Odds and Ends

This is a two-post day. As promised, I've given further comment on the Simon & Schuster debacle below.

Miss Snark has announced her retirement here. After almost two years of reading her blog every day, I'm feeling lost. She was kind enough to send me an email beforehand, but it still hasn't really sunk in yet.

A friend, Michael Richardson, a 15-year-old bluegrass guitar prodigy, is playing in the Fire on the Strings competition in Houston this weekend during the Bay Area Bluegrass Association Festival here. Michael first played on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry at age six, and I'm sending good wishes his way. His mother, Julie, a good friend, has promised to call me from Houston when the judging finishes around 1:00 PM today.

And I just had to open my big mouth. Earlier this week, I said that Dinah, my black-and-white kitten has been losing her collar and nametag on an average of once every six weeks. Well, she achieved a new personal best by losing her latest collar and tag in F*I*V*E days. Guess that will teach me. And I'll be making another trip to Petco this weekend.

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Travis Erwin said...

I had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that refused to keep her collar on. Once she got the thing off she'd bury it. Unfortunatly, she got bit by a rattlensake and died four or five years ago, but just this week, while digging a garden, I found one of her collars and tags.

Maya Reynolds said...

Hi, Travis: Sorry to learn about your CB Retriever. They're great dogs. My neighbor has a beauty named Turbo.

My beloved Lucy, a border collie, died two years ago last month. I still have her collar in a drawer.

Keeping a collar on Dinah is a challenge.

Thanks for stopping by.