Thursday, July 06, 2006

For Romance Writers

One of the three top review sites for romances is Romance Junkies ( Run by Cat Brown, an entrepreneur if I've ever known one, the site has steadily grown in popularity since it begin in 2003. Three months ago, they reached a goal they've been aiming for since the first of the year--one million hits in ONE MONTH.

I first encountered Cat Brown last summer when I was named the winner of the Romance Junkies contest for 2005.

The contest was structured so that writers were invited to submit the first chapter of their romance novels. Each week, the chapters were posted on a special website ( where readers could vote on their favorites. At the end of the open period, the top 18 vote-getters were submitted to a panel of judges who selected their favorite three. Then a print publisher selected the Grand Prize winner. In 2005, I was first selected the winner by the panel of judges and then, Tova Sacks of Berkley also selected my Witch Vampire? as the Grand Prize winner, for which I won a digital audio player.

I am telling you all this because the new contest for 2006 is going on right now. You can go to each week to read and vote on the 2006 entries. The Grand Prize winner this year will be selected by Kara Cesare of the Penguin Group. And the Grand Prize this year is an AlphaSmart 3000.

One of my favorite things about the 2005 contest was the fan letters. I had so much fun receiving emails each day from readers who liked my chapter. It was my first experience with fan letters.

I'd really encourage you to submit a chapter (maximum of 5,000 words). I promise you; you'll be glad you did.

Even if you don't enter the contest, visit Romance Junkies. They now have a critique co-op and an opportunity to participate in telling a group story.

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