Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Literary Game For the Weekend

Since it's Saturday, I thought it might be fun if I directed you to a quiz I took a couple of days ago.

POD-dy Mouth ( is a writer who blogs about the world of POD books. She reviews self-published books, looking for the gems hidden among the dreck.

On Tuesday, PM posted 24 excerpts from a variety of novels--both POD and those released by major publishers. Her instructions to readers were: "You must pick which ones are from POD novels and which ones are from commercially published novels."

I was surprised how difficult the task was. There were a half dozen that were so bad, I had no difficulty in identifying them as unedited POD. There were two that I was confident were commercially published (accurate punctuation was the key). However, that left sixteen excerpts up for grabs, and I didn't do very well with those. My total score was less than 50%

Perhaps you'll do better. POD-dy Mouth announced that the average for correct answers was 63% for editors, 60% for agents, 53% for writers and 46% for all others.

If you're interested in taking the quiz, you'll find a link to POD-dy Mouth under the links to the right of this blog. Be careful when you click on it. The answers are the first thing that pops up. Scroll down to Tuesday's blog to take the quiz entitled "Mid-Term Exam."


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