Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Goodbye to POD-dy Mouth

My plan for tonight was to talk about the results of POD-dy Mouth's 2006 Survey of Self-Published Books, but when I went over to her website, I found that 3/13 was the last day of her blog. After reviewing self-published books for two years, she's throwing in the towel.

Just looking at her statistics for the past year, I'm not surprised. She's been a hard-working lady.

Here are a few of the stats from her recent blog on activity for 2006:

Her mission: to find 15 excellent books

Total number of queries received: 5,267
Total number of books considered: 1,666

Total number of books not read past first page: 217
Total number of books not read past first paragraph: 23
Total number of books not read past first sentence: 8

Number of selected/reviewed [winning] books by publisher:

Lulu: 5
iUniverse: 5
Velluminous: 2
Authorhouse: 1
Toadspittle Hill Productions: 1
Sunspot Press: 1

I'll be sorry to see POD-dy Mouth leave the blogosphere. I wish her all the best. She's provided an interesting reading experience for the last two years.

Her website is here.

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