Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a Masterpiece!

Okay, since I offered two posts on Sunday, I'm cheating tonight. I'm posting my Monday blog for 12:04 AM at 9:15 PM on Sunday evening because I am settling down to watch a television program.

Masterpiece Theatre is running a "Best Of" show, with the twelve best series from the thirty-six year history of their productions. I voted along with thousands of other PBS watchers and am hoping to see I, Claudius as the #1 choice. I expect it will end up #2 with Upstairs, Downstairs beating it out. It's probably blasphemous, but I was never a fan of British stories above and below the stairs.

I also voted for what I remember as The Six Wives of Henry VIII for #2 and Elizabeth I for #3. I was just a kid at the time so I may have the titles wrong.

And, of course, my #4 choice was Prime Suspect.

Wish me luck.

Addendum: Well, I was right about Upstairs, Downstairs being #1, but I, Claudius only clocked in at #3. The Forsyte Saga beat it out for the #2 place. Grrrr.

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