Monday, March 12, 2007

Lunch and Surprising News

I met a new friend for lunch today in Dallas at one of my favorite restaurants, La Calle Doce.

Over Mexican food, we had all those conversations new friends have: "How long have you worked at your job?" "How many years have you been married?" "I love your turquoise earrings." "Oh, you love turquoise and silver, too?"

Then she dropped the bomb. "Yeah, I looked your book up on the Borders website."

I was taken aback. "You found my book at Borders? It's not due out until September."

She responded, "I know. I saw the publication date."

And she was right. The book--without blurb or cover--is on both Amazon and Borders. Not B&N, I'm sorry to say. But it was there on Amazon and Borders, with a release date of September 4th. I was stunned.

I had to tell you that before I take off for my writers' group tonight. I'll be back later this evening to report on a new study that came out of London two weeks ago.

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