Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm Back

Hi, everyone. I'm back--sort of.

December is going to be a busy month for me. I resume blogging today, of course. I'll probably have another post later in the day.

I'm also teaching a three-week online class starting Monday for Outreach International titled "Developing a Business Plan For a Career as a Writer." And I still have my job at the university, my WIP and the small matter of the upcoming holidays.

I don't yet have a final count on the class size because December 1 is the last day to enroll.

If you have never visited Outreach International's campus, you should. OIRW is a chapter of RWA, but they offer classes for all writers. The link is here.

I've decided to resume blogging slowly--mostly because of the freaking cast on my left hand. Since I broke the bones leading to my index and middle fingers, I can't use them. My poor left thumb is doing yeoman's duty.

Since I'll be posting lessons on OIRW on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, until I get the cast off, I'll plan to blog on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Of course, I'll probably get exercised about something and post a blog in-between times, too.

Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers and best wishes both on and off blog. You helped a lot during a very dark time.


Maria Zannini said...

Welcome back, Maya!
I wrote you the other day, but I wasn't sure if you got the email.

Glad to see you posting again. Take it slow. We'll wait. *grin*

Call me if you need me.

Laura Vivanco said...

I hope you're not going to overtax the strength in your fingers, but I suppose you'll be wanting to get back to normal as much as possible as soon as you can.

Good luck with doing everything with your cast on!

Gina Black said...

Maya! Glad you're back. And thanks for the heads-up on your class. This is something I've been avoiding, which (AHA!) means it's something I need. :)

Heather B. Moore said...

Glad you're feeling better. I had eye surgery last year and when I couldn't see well enough to read or write, I thought it was the end of the world. I got so desperate, I ended up reading an entire book with one eye open.

The Anti-Wife said...

So glad you're back, but do take it easy and take care of yourself.