Saturday, December 15, 2007

Update Time

Sorry to have fallen off the radar screen. Between the broken hand, the pending surgery, the online class and the upcoming holidays, I've been stretched pretty thin.

Update time. My surgery has been postponed until this Tuesday. I won't return to the university until the day after Christmas.

The online class is going well. It ends this Friday. Next commitment: I'll be talking at the Dallas Area Writers Group on January 8.

My wonderful agent, Jacky Sach, advised this week that Grupa Planeta purchased the rights to Bad Girl in Spain. The advance was enough that I'm probably ensured of earning out the NAL advance to me on Bad Girl [Thank you, God]. Next deadline: Hurry up and finish Bad Boy .

My plan is to resume my regular blogging on January 1st. Until then, I'll probably continue as I have with intermittent, odd emails. Thanks for your patience.


Church Lady said...

Hope all goes well with surgery.
And that you have a nice holiday break...

Maya Reynolds said...

CL: Thanks for the kind wishes.

My surgery went well.



Alex said...

Glad your surgery went well, and hope you have quiet, peaceful holidays free of all unwanted trauma or drama. Mend well.

sincereone said...

Hi Maya,
As always, I hope you feel better soon. If you need anything or help with anything, let me know.