Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

Today was just one of those days. One of those good-news/bad-news days.

The good news: Dinah has resigned herself to her life of captivity. It didn't come easily. This morning, the little stinker slashed out at my good hand--my only hand right now--when I bent down to stroke her head. I bled like a stuck pig.

Not being one to turn the other cheek--or hand--I scooped her up and threw her out the door into the cold rain.

Bobbin was thrilled. He took up post at the French door with the air of a Dallas Cowboy fan watching his 12-1 team play.

I left her out there for thirty minutes before letting her back inside.

It was magic.

She hasn't growled, snarled or slashed since.

The bad news is that I'll be having surgery on Friday. I went back to see the surgeon today for a checkup of my broken hand. My plan was to trade out my Kelly green cast for a crimson red one for the holidays. Instead I learned that my index finger bones had separated and slipped. It will take surgery to put them back and pins to hold them in place.



The Anti-Wife said...

Score one for Maya!

Sorry about the need for more surgery. Bummer!

Jesse said...

I'd get a second opinion. If only to see if the first doctor had screwed up something in the first place. Good luck, Maya.


Laura Vivanco said...

I admire your positive thinking, Maya, in making a "good news" story out of being slashed by your cat and bleeding "like a stuck pig."

Good luck with the fingers!

Maya Reynolds said...

Thanks, guys.

AW: I'm a firm believer in consequences for our actions.

Jesse: It's possible the ER doc caused this by splinting it wrong. I just want to look forward at this point. Thanks for the suggestion.

Laura: Thanks for making me grin.

SmartlikeStreetcar said...


Good luck with the surgery!

I had a serious hand fracture about 10 years ago that ultimately had to be repaired with reconstructive surgery. I was told then that hands and fingers are difficult to set at the best of times, so it could be that no one was at fault. It's just one of those things.

I will hope for a speedy recovery and a minimum of fuss!

::::I also needed a fair bit of rehab, but was told that my fracture was severe, and my results unusual. (They couldn't use pins to hold it together), ::::

Sherrill Quinn said...

Dang, Maya. When you do things, you do 'em right! Best of luck with the surgery.

And yay! on coming out on top in the battle of the species. *G*

Gina Black said...

So sorry to hear about the surgery, but if that's what will fix things and make them right then it's also a good thing.

Glad you won with the kitty.

Maria Zannini said...

--The bad news is that I'll be having surgery on Friday.

(shakes head) What am I going to do with you?

Hope they fixed everything, Maya. So glad your middle finger is still intact though. Otherwise you might have been left speechless. :o)

Maya Reynolds said...

Gina: Thanks. That's my attitude, too.

Maria: Excuse me? I have NEVER given anyone my middle finger in my life!!!

Mike Keyton said...

Suggest putting Dinah's front paws in a cast.

Maya Reynolds said...

Mike: :) Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

Since her outing in the icy rain, Dinah has been a perfect angel. She hasn't growled at me (or, more impressively, at Bobbin) even one time.

I've always treated my cats exactly like my dogs.