Monday, December 31, 2007

Meet Your Daemon

I'm restless tonight. My hand is throbbing inside the cast, and I'm trying to avoid a pain pill. I'm entertaining myself visiting my friends on line while waiting to get sleepy enough to go back to bed.

My friend Maria Zannini had a review of the film The Golden Compass here. One of the conceits of the story is that humans wear their souls outside their bodies in the form of an animal called a daemon. While you are a child developing, your daemon may take different forms, but by the time you are an adult your daemon is fixed.

The site for the film allows you to answer 20 questions and learn the identity of your own personal daemon. Of course, I immediately went to the site here to find my daemon.

When you get to the site, click on the Daemon icon in the toolbar. Then wait for the site to populate. There will be a "Meet Your Daemon" icon in the lower right of the screen. Then you can either listen to the daemon spiel or click on "Meet Your Daemon" again.

My daemon is named Anicetos. He's a tiger (Interesting since I was born in the year of the tiger). The site said I was assertive, competitive, inquisitive, spontaneous and a leader. It nailed the first four just fine. I have a serious problem getting along with authority figures so the "leader" thing is probably not a good fit
for me.

Go meet your daemon.


The Anti-Wife said...

I am Zotius - the fox.
Assertive, modest, shy, softly spoken and spontaneous.

It's a pretty good fit for me.

Happy New Year, Maya! Hope 2008 finds you feeling better.

And, as my doctor told me, if you're in pain - take the damned pill!

Maya Reynolds said...

AW: Wishing you (and Zotius) all the best in 2008. Onward and upward.

Thanks for the advice. Because of all the addictions in my family, I prefer to wait until I reaaalllllly need that pill. My pharmacist friend repeatedly tells me this is not a good plan.

inherwritemind1 said...

Hi Maya,

Sorry to hear you're hurting but hope you feel better soon. Wishing you a terrific New Year!

I am solitary, spontaneous, modest, shy, humble, matched with Thalius, the Lion. Pretty cool.

raggy said...
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lainey bancroft said...

Happy New Year, Maya!
I just ordered Bad Girl! (I know, I know, but better late than never, right?)

Sorry about your hand. Having a cast stinks.

My daemon is Sereno, the tiger. Modest, competitive, shy, humble, responsible. Hmm, probably fairly accurate.

Now I need to find a quiz to figure out my compulsion to identify myself through online quizzes!

Maya Reynolds said...

Hey, Tena (and Thalius): Happy New Year.

I've told your roaming fruitcake story a bunch of times over the holidays. It gets a laugh every time.

Maya Reynolds said...

Hi, Lainey (and Sereno--neat name): We seem to be developing our own pride of tigers--or is that lions.

Oh, hell, I had to look it up. We can choose: an ambush or a streak of tigers. I think I prefer streak.

Thanks for ordering the book. You may be my first sale in 2008. I'm going to choose to think so anyway.

Happy New Year!