Saturday, October 28, 2006

Follow The Directions

My loved ones complain that I can find humor in the silliest things ("Isn't that the whole point of humor?" I ask in indignation).

A friend emailed me about the new imprints being planned over at Ellora's Cave. She sent this link:

My "silly" button got pushed when I read the instructions for the new Lotus Circle imprint: "Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. will be launching a new imprint and website in the second half of 2007, devoted to psychic literature, both fiction and non-fiction."

Under the Fiction sub-heading, the instructions continue, "A planned multi-author series where the stories are linked by reference to an informal international network based on a secret society that originated in ancient Egypt. The society members have various psychic abilities or metaphysical skills, and share energy, knowledge, support and information. The stories are contemporary; could be mystery/suspense, romance, general fiction, or women's fiction. No FANTASY, science fiction, or horror."


No fantasy?

Unless I'm living in an alternate reality, how can you write about a secret society with various psychic abilities or metaphysical skills without FANTASY????

Someone needs a reality check.

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