Friday, October 06, 2006

More On Embargoed Books

On Wednesday, I talked about Bob Woodward's State of Denial and the fact that The New York Times had managed to get around the embargo on the book to buy it during the week before its release.

Today the New York Times does it again. They have a story on Carly Fiorina's new book--due out next Tuesday.

Fiorina was the chief executive of Hewlitt-Packard from 1999 to 2005. Since HP's problems with spying on its own board members became public, her book has been hotly anticipated.

The Times says: "Her book, “Tough Choices” (Portfolio Hardcover), which is embargoed for release on Tuesday and has been made available to reviewers only if they sign a nondisclosure agreement, was purchased at a bookstore yesterday by a reporter for The New York Times."

Of course, they don't say HOW MUCH they paid to purchase the book during the embargoed period.

Although Fiorina has not had anything to say about the "spying scandal that has rocked the company and resulted in felony charges and firings," the book now reveals that "she had authorized the initial investigation."

In a reprise of Bob Woodward's appearance last week, Fiorina will be interviewed on "Sixty Minutes" this coming Sunday evening.

UPDATE: Since I posted this story, both Publishers Lunch and Publishers Weekly have reported on The New York Times leak. PW had this to say: "Penguin’s Will Weiser said that despite the NYT article, the company is sticking to its Oct. 9 retail embargo; any store found in violation of the embargo will be required to remove the title from its shelves. 'The situation is, right now, we are enforcing the embargo,' Weisser said. Penguin is also not releasing reviewers from any nondisclosure agreements they signed."


Emjay said...

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Emjay: Farm owner in denial.

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