Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Nice Way To Start The Day

I woke up this morning clogged to the gills. October is allergy month in Texas. The good news is that I only have another ten days or so before whatever it is that is trying to choke off my breathing quits blooming.

The better news is that the Queen is coming to Fort Worth in two weeks.

That's right. The Queen of Romance, Nora Roberts, is coming to Cow Town. She'll be talking at Texas Christian University on Election Night.

This is part of a fabulous series sponsored by the Fort Worth Star Telegram. In previous years, I've heard Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiassen speak at functions sponsored by the newspaper.

A group of writers from my RWA chapter is attending. You know it has to be good for me to give up NCIS, House and Boston Legal without a quibble (Tuesday is my only serious television viewing night).

Update: If you're interested in seeing Nora Roberts, check her schedule at: http://www.noraroberts.com/schedule.htm for details.

Later . . .

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