Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Which Way Is Up?

Busy, busy time.

The next issue of Passionate Ink's newsletter is due in two weeks, and my column is not quite finished. Need to make that my priority today.

Received an invitation to be a part of a panel for the Writers' League of Texas later this month. I'm probably crazy for taking on one more thing, but I said yes.

Good news and bad news re my urban fantasy.

Good news: It's finished. Thank you, God!

Bad news: It's 107K words. 107,000 words!! I was aiming for 90K to 95K.

I never check word count while I'm writing. It distracts me from the important thing, the story. May need to rethink this strategy in the future. :)

I've identified a place where I can cut an adventure and save 7K words, bringing it to 100K. Instead of pruning it now, I think I'll send the entire thing to my agent and see what she says.

But, the good news is that the freaking story is finished. I'm THRILLED.

Now, back to rewrites on my NAL submission. It's due back to my editor by December 15.

Busy, busy time.

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